Working behind a standing desk

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Some people call it a hype, but working behind a standing desk is popular. There is increasing evidence that the human body is not made to sit for the majority of the day. I found out the hard way after being diagnosed with a lower back hernia in 2014. This forced me to leave my chair behind and stand up.

I initially overreacted by standing the majority of the day, causing additional problems like sore feet and legs. Alternating between sitting and standing is the obvious answer.

Back in 2014 the standing desk was still a rarity, so I alternated between two desks in the office, one for standing and one for sitting. This is far from ideal, as you have to "migrate" between both desks multiple times a day.

Old situation with two separate desks

After working like this for about a year, the time was right to switch to a standing desk. I had quite some time to think about the requirements:

  • Easy and fast to switch between standing and sitting
  • Height around 75cm when sitting
  • Height around 115cm when standing

After searching online, reading blogs, watching videos and visiting stores, I picked the IKEA BEKANT desk (the version with built-in electric motor).

As with all IKEA products you have to assemble to desk yourself. I am happy to say this only took me about 20 minutes. After plugging the desk into the wall outlet I was able to try it out.

The desk feels solid and switching between the standing and sitting position only takes seconds (and is quite). The desk is also equiped with a cable tray to hide any loose cables.

IKEA BEKANT standing desk

Tip: determine the correct standing height!

Stand up straight, let your arms hang with your elbows bent at a 90-degree angle, and measure the distance between the bottom of your elbow and the ground.

Update 2023 - still going strong

My employer purchased this IKEA desk back in 2015. After switching careers I was able to take the desk home, and I still use it today! The desk is still going strong (after more than 8 years), and I use it regularly while working from home. And of course I also use a standing desk at the office!

Several years ago I purchases a so called "standing desk anti-fatigue mat" to relieve the impact of standing on my feet and legs. I opted for the Imprint CumulusPRO which I purchased on Ebay. I can recommend this to everyone!